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About Us

Humor + news + art = Brunsvik Design

"Animus risu novatur "- the spirit is refreshed with laughter

Brunsvik Design is a Norwegian company that creates illustrations with a humorous twist on current events. We also incorporate well-known personalities and old "classics."

By combining elements that don't typically go together, we create humor and attention-grabbing pieces.

Our posters are a mixture of current events and ironic commentary that will make you smile.

Personal portraits are also a popular service that offers a fun and unique way to portray yourself or someone you know. A Perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, christmas and so on.

Brunsvik Design is best known for our illustrations of the Norwegian royal family. These images have become a popular gift in Norwegian homes and can now be found hanging in many homes throughout the country, including Princess Martha Louise's home.

With a unique perspective on the world and the royal family's lifestyle, we provide a humorous take on our national heritage and traditions.

With a unique humorous style, we try to make even the most serious topics funny. Our spirits are refreshed with laughter! 

Some may be offended by the images, while others love them. They have sparked debate, discussion, joy and laughter.

But isn't that what art is supposed to do? - Elicit emotions!

"A bit of madness is key"

- La La Land - The fools who dreams

We also do graphic design work like logo design, packaging, book cover design, CD covers, advertising material and so on. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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